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7 Ways Senior Living Encourages Happy, Healthy Aging

Happy senior friends walking in the countryside

Happiness and health are often interdependent. It’s easier to be happy when you feel well. And a happy person tends to eat and sleep better, move around more and have less stress — all factors that contribute to better health. So how do you optimize your happiness — and health —as you age?  Research suggests that living in a retirement community promotes healthy aging and a positive outlook.


The Advantages of a Life Plan Community

Life Plan Communities are senior living communities that offer residents a continuum of care, meeting changing health care needs while fees remain predictable. Plus, they offer amenities and services that help seniors stay active and engaged. A recent study comparing residents of Life Plan Communities with older adults living in the community at large found that Life Plan Community residents experience a host of benefits, such as:

  •         Greater life satisfaction
  •         Lower levels of depression
  •         More positive mood
  •         Better perception of aging
  •         Higher levels of optimism
  •         Lower stress levels


The Foundations of Healthy Aging

Senior living communities are able to have such a positive impact because they support the foundations of healthy aging, which include physical, emotional and mental well-being. Senior living promotes healthy aging by offering access to resources that support each of these dimensions of health. Residents of senior living communities are able to:

1. Stay active.

Daily activity helps keep you strong and fit. And senior living communities make it fun and convenient to keep up with a fitness routine. Most offer a variety of fitness classes from yoga to personal training. Plus, amenities such as a swimming pool, walking paths and a fitness center make it easy to keep yourself moving.

2. Connect with others.

Loneliness and social isolation are linked to an increased risk of illness and premature death. Senior living communities foster connection by offering a vibrant social network. New friends might live right next door. A full calendar of activities means seniors have plenty of opportunity to socialize. Staff may become regular points of contact, helping to create a sense of security and stability. Plus, family members, no longer responsible for a senior’s care, can reconnect without the challenges of caregiving.

3. Remain intellectually engaged.

Senior living communities often host classes and lectures that help seniors keep their minds active. Libraries, special interest clubs and outings to concerts and shows give seniors many opportunities to follow their curiosity and enjoy lifelong learning.

4. Enjoy a sense of purpose.

Research suggests that having a purpose-driven life helps people live longer. In a senior living community, residents can pursue the aims and goals that give them a sense of meaning, whether that’s through volunteering, learning new skills, enjoying a new hobby or spending time with friends and family.

5. Eat well.

Healthy, nourishing food supports body, mind and spirit. Senior living communities provide nutritious and tasty meals, relieving residents of some of the burden of cooking for themselves. Plus, transportation to grocery stores is provided so seniors can stock their own pantries if they want to.

6. Access to medical support.

Care needs can change and unexpected health emergencies can arise.  Retirement communities help seniors feel empowered to meet changing needs. Nurses, staff and other medical professionals are available to answer questions, offer assistance and help residents evaluate their health care needs.

7. Reduce stress.

Senior living means having convenient access to services and amenities which free residents from the hassles of home maintenance. This allows seniors to spend less time tending to chores and more time pursuing the pleasures of life.


Healthy and Happy at Freedom Square of Seminole

You can find all the services and resort-style amenities that support healthy aging at Freedom Square of Seminole. Our wellness programs support every dimension of health. And, as a Life Plan Community, we offer a continuum of care that fosters optimism, a positive outlook and life satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a tour of our senior apartments in Pinellas County!