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Freedom Square of Seminole Resident Celebrates 92nd Birthday with Skydiving Adventure

Read our latest mention at Senior Voice America.

From the article: 

Freedom Square of Seminole is proud to highlight one of its residents, Lou Masucci, who recently celebrated his 92nd birthday in an extraordinary way – with a skydiving trip.

Masucci’s skydiving adventure was inspired by “Point Break,” a movie about surfers who rob a bank, starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. In the film, the surfers go skydiving, and that’s when Masucci knew he wanted to experience it for himself.

Reflecting on his skydiving experience, Masucci said: “It was a lot of fun! It was a great experience, and it has been on my bucket list for years.”

Additionally, Masucci saw a 104-year-old woman recently went skydiving on the news. He noted that his neighbor down the hall is also 104 and that he’ll try and talk her into going on the next trip.

“Mr. Masucci’s daring and adventurous spirit is inspiring to many, proving that age is just a number,” said Executive Director Joseph Mingione. “His enthusiasm and courage serve as a testament to the vibrant spirit within the community of Freedom Square of Seminole.”