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Freedom Square & Mayor Leslie Waters Welcome Visitors to Bustling Senior Life Community

three elderly individuals sit and roast marshmallows while wearing face masks

Seminole, Fla. – Freedom Square yesterday welcomed visitors to the campus to provide a glimpse into how the community is navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to be a bustling center of senior life in Seminole.  City of Seminole Mayor Leslie Waters was in attendance to greet the public, and Freedom Square staff members provided an array of services and experiences to visitors – all while strictly adhering to social distancing and recommended Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.“We were thrilled to welcome visitors to the campus here, at Freedom Square, yesterday,” said Executive Director Michael Mason.  “While the pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to our community, residents, and staff, we have constantly evolved to ensure that Freedom Square remains a vibrant community where residents thrive – mind, body and spirit.  The enthusiasm we have seen from residents and visitors alike reenergizes our campus, and we are confident that together we will remain strong.”“It is incredible to see the resilience of everyone at Freedom Square during this challenging time – from staff in every area of the community, to residents and first-time visitors to the campus, everyone was in high spirits,” said Mayor Leslie Waters.  “Freedom Square has always been a bright light in our community, and we saw that on full display yesterday.  I was delighted to be able to be on campus to greet visitors and talk with the staff who have done a tremendous job while dealing with the threat of the coronavirus and residents who have been living life to the fullest even during these uncertain times.”

seniors welcome visitors to Freedom Square
Mayor Waters greets visitors to Freedom Square

Visitors of the drive-thru event at Freedom Square received a number of services and experiences, including having a photo taken with Mayor Leslie Waters, getting their car windows cleaned by Freedom Square’s maintenance department, and receiving a lip treatment to keep them sun protected, drink cozies and bug spray for outdoor fun, fun packs filled with healthful items and practical key chains of cleaning/sanitizing cloths.  To top off the event, visitors received a delicious meal-to-go that was a camping culinary treat that included individually wrapped s’mores.  Current residents were also invited to roast marshmallows around “campfires” at a social distance along the driving tour path.

three seniors sitting under a tent outside Freedom Square
Freedom Square Residents Roast Marshmallows Around “Campfires”

“We hope everyone enjoyed their time at Freedom Square yesterday. As a parting gift, we gave out flashlights as our visitors left, so they are reminded that Freedom Square has been, and will continue to be, a beacon for senior life in the Seminole community,” concluded Mason.