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Hurricane Elsa Updates 7/6/2021

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Tropical Storm Elsa has mostly passed the Tampa area, and was pretty much a non-event. We did not lose power and did not sustain damage from the wind or rains, which were much less than predicted. Staff have been able to get to work, and we are operating as normal.
The storm provided a good training exercise to confirm that we are all well-prepared for the hurricane season ahead, and we are thankful that it didn’t pack much of a punch!


Hurricane Elsa Updates


The health and safety of our residents and employees are always our first priority. Freedom Square of Seminole is well-prepared, with adequate supplies of PPE, food, water, and fuel for generators. At this time, no evacuations are expected and we are anticipating only winds and heavy rain. We continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and are holding calls daily to determine any concerns or supply needs if the situation changes.

The LCS emergency hotline number for families of residents to be able to get updates in the event we lose phone or electricity is: 1-888-214-8464.

Thank you for your support.